Who we are

Delmirani's BookApartments is a love affair that has now lasted for more than 30 years-a love for the craft of hosting people that has resonated with me from the very beginning.

Delmirani’s BookApartments it’s a love story that has been going on for over 30 years now; a love for the job of hosting people that impressed me from the beginning.

My name is Catharine, I am of Austrian origin from Vienna but, again for love, transplanted to Rome for a long time now.

It is in this wonderful city that I have created my current business with passion since the 90s: hosting travelers and those passing through the world. In my business I am assisted by my daughter Francesca, who was born and raised in an international and multicultural environment, and by my team.

In our house there has always been a great coming and going of relatives and friends, and therefore, it was almost natural to expand the context by hosting people from all over the world.

Luckily our family but also myteam it is getting bigger and bigger.

I am lucky enough to be thegrandmother of two wonderful grandchildren and the mother not only of my daughter Francesca but also of two lovely dogs that are now part of our family.

My team is made up of people multicultural like me, who have also lived among various cultures and love diversity, travel and tourism. We share many passions such as art, music, theater, reading, but also cinema, gardening, cooking… interests that we try to reflect in the management and furnishings of our apartments.

Anne-Lisa, also an Austrian who has lived in Rome for many years, is part of our team and takes care of many organizational and administrative aspects.

With this combination between Austrian and Italian culture, experience and know-how we have tried to extract the best features in our management to convey the same enthusiasm in the management of the structure of Delmirani’s BookApartments .

Over the years, enthusiasm has never left us and each new guest is an opportunity to meet. Our home is a cheerful crossroads of people from all over the globe, a world made up of many colors, many languages and different cultures.

We welcome everyone with warmth, joy and hospitality, and this is our business card.

Our home is your home!


Via Lago Terrione 45 00165 - ROMA


+39 333 7533244