Near Punta Ala: art and culture

Etruscan cities

Roselle :

Ancient Etruscan and Roman city at ca. 40min from Punta Ala


Val di Cornia :

Vetulonia :

Village of Etruscan origins at ca. 40min from Punta Ala

Balbo Castle:

The Punta Ala castle , also known as Torre di Troia Nuova, built in the sixteenth century. 8 min from home

Castiglione della Pescaia :

An ancient fishing village originally, it still retains a precious old town with nice shops and a castle. Distance approx. 12km


Scarlino and Tirli:

Two very beautiful mountain villages located in the hinterland, ideal for enjoying excellent Tuscan cuisine such as a delicious ragù with wild boar. Distance approx. 10km


The nearest town about 12km from Punta Ala. Here is also the train station that takes you to Rome in 3 hours.



Ancient city with beautiful monuments approx. 40 minutes by car from Punta Ala. The train leaving from Grosseto arrives in Rome in 1,30h.